Put your child to work…


AGM 2016


At the 2016 AGM we will present a summary of what has been happening over the past 12 months, some plans for the coming year, along with a report on the financials. We will also hold nominations for the new committee.

This is your chance to get involved, join the committee and make a big contribution to this volunteer organisation.

Click the links below to view the committee role descriptions and to download a nomination form if you would like to become a committee member.

Committee meet monthly at Point Cook Community Centre at a time suitable for all committee.

Committee Role Descriptions    2016/17 Committee Nomination Form

There are over 280 members of Little Buddies.  We currently have very few committee members continuing in 2016.   We require a minimum of 7 committed committee to continue this wonderful service.  If we do not have a minimum of 7 committee nominated at the AGM Little Buddies will be forced to vote on the night for a dissolution of Little Buddies Toy Library.  In other words the library will shut down permanently on June 1st 2016.

Little Buddies is run by volunteer members with assistance of our Session Coordinators Jenny, Gabi & Avi whom are kindly funded by Wyndham City Council.  Little Buddies cannot and will not operate without committed and passionate members willing to step up to committee. 

Point Cook Toy Sale

IMGP3694_aAt our Point Cook branch, we are selling some of our toys to make way for brand new toys.

We only buy good quality toys and these ones for sale are still in great condition.

Drop in at any of these times to grab a bargain!

Saturday 30th Jan – 9.30am to 11.30am
Tuesday 2nd February – 9.30am to 11.00am
Friday 5th February – 12:00pm to 1:30pm
Saturday 6th February – 9.30am to 11.30am

You can find the Toy Library in the Point Cook Community Centre, just down the hall from the book Library.


School Visit

dcf71939-53a5-4944-b337-1217fdd6530bOn Tuesday October 13, Point Cook Branch had a visit from the Prep/One Class students from St Mary of the Cross Catholic Primary school.

About 20 children came in with two teachers, led by one of our very own members  Miss. Klara ( Age 5).

The children had lots of questions to ask and are looking at setting up their own toy library at the school.
Trishna was amazed at some of the questions such as:
How does the toy library help the community?
How do you know which toy to put where?

What is the most popular toy?

It was a fun visit.

Welcome to our new Co-ordinators!

Please join with me to give a big friendly welcome to our 2 new co-ordinators Gabi and Avi who will be now running the Saturday sessions at Point Cook. Say hi and help them out whilst they learn the ropes  Trishna will continue to be our weekday co-ordinator and of course Jenny will be continuing at Werribee for all sessions.

Roster Duty – Point Cook

32474b75-5be4-41a7-98ac-09a5c612ff66Our Point Cook branch is suffering from a lack of helpers on Saturdays. Little Buddies is a member run organisation –   sessions can’t run without help from our members.  Why not bring your diaries to the library when you attend and put your name down for your roster duties.  Remember, your roster duty bond can be claimed back once 4 roster duties have been completed!

Join in and see a bigger selection of our toys as you help check the toys being returned.  The most popular toys are rarely on the shelf!
Please note:
From November roster duties at Point Cook will now count for only 1roster duty session.  This change has been made due to a severe lack of roster duty participation at Point Cook and to align the allocation to that at Werribee branch to make things fair for all members.

Help improve the Toy Library experience

Our branches are very busy/crowded at times (particularly on Saturdays)!
You can assist by following this procedure each time you attend:

  • Present toys being returned along with your member number to the helpers at returns desk (outside/at the door), before entering the library.
  • Returned toys will need to be checked before you can borrow new toys.
  • Choose your toys from within the library.
  • Take your toys to the co-ordinator desk for borrowing.
  • Please be patient and respectful of everyone as it can be very busy at times.
  • To speed things up you are always welcome to lend a hand to help count other member’s returning toys for 10 minutes.
  • To ease the congestion, perhaps consider reducing the number of family members entering the library when busy. Older children/partners could perhaps find some books at the library/community centre whilst you take your younger ones into the toy library.